Website Update: Grading System!

When I presented Real Not Complex to the first users, there was one feature that was suggested over and over again. And now that feature is here! In order to easily browse all the resources available on our website, it's important to quickly get an idea of how good and how accessible is given resource. This is precisely what our grading system was created for, allowing you to find trully incredible free math resources even easier than before.

New grading system

There are two things that we want to know about a textbook, lecture notes or video lectures, when we learn a new topic in mathematics:

  • What is the quality of the resource? Obviously we want to learn from the best resources available, to make learning the most efficient, but also pleasant.
  • What is the difficulty of the resource? If we just begin to learn given field, we want something as accessible as possible, with lots of explanations and examples. On the other hand, if we want to review topics we already know, or simply challenge ourselves, we want something more brief and "to the point".

These two aspects are the most important for studying and we that knew we have to include both of them in our rating system. After all, we all have seen simple, but low quality textbooks, as well as difficult, but great ones (Baby Rudin anyone?).

But we also did not want to complicate things further, so we decided to go with the most basic, 3 step rating system, represented as stars:

  • On the quality scale 1 star means low quality resource, while 3 stars mean great quality.
  • On the difficulty scale 1 star means very easy and accessible resource, while 3 stars mean difficult, challenging resource.

So when you learn a new topic, you will probably want to look for resources with 3 stars on quality scale and 1 star on difficulty scale.

If you however want something challenging or review material, you will look for 3 stars on quality scale and 3 stars on difficulty scale.

And that's basically it!

I would like to invite all of you to vote on the resources you already have an opinion on. This will help other users discover incredible resources, allowing them to easily learn even the most challenging topics.