Video Lectures Update

I don't know how about you, but because of what is happening around the world, I find it kind of hard to study recently. Reading textbooks is a drag and I can't focus on solving problems. How about making things easier for ourselves and instead of doing math, simply watch someone else do it for us?

This was my motivation to finally do a proper video lectures update.

Many of these will be probably well known to you, but I hope you will find some surprises here.

Professor Leonard

We already had Professor Leonards lectures on Calculus and Differential Equations. Now we have added his Statistics lectures as well.

Khan Academy

This is the most obvious one. We did not add it so far, because we assumed basically everyone knows it by now.

But, for the purposes of having a complete resource list, we haved added Khan Academy playlists on:

MIT OpenCourseWare

Very similar situation. Probably anyone interested in university-level mathematics knows this website already.

It has ridiculous amount of resources from various university fields, including STEM fields. We have cherry-picked their math video lectures.

We have added the lectures on:

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (South Africa)

Now this is something much less obvious. It turns out that this African institute has a great quality lectures on Probability and Statistics and Topology and Geometry!

I am sure you did not know these!

That's it for now

I hope you liked these new additions.

Remember to rate them, if you already know them and have an opinion on them!

Do you know some other amazing mathematics video lectures? If so, share them with us!