Resources Update: Completely New Column!

Another big update! This is something I was asked about many times since launching Real Not Complex. All these exotic and advanced topics like Category Theory or Algebraic Geometry sound very fun, but we need something more basic. Usually people who are just starting out have the toughest time finding adequate resources online. It's very hard for them to tell what are the best textbooks and video lectures to study with. This is exactly why we have created a completely new column on Real Not Complex: Basics.

New Basics column on Real Not Complex

Basics column consists of 4 subjects: Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus and Geometry.

We worked hard to kick-off this column already filled with comprehensive lists of textbooks and video lectures. Luckily, there are a lot of free mathematics resources online for beginners, so we believe everyone will find here something for themselves.

If anything, we would like to see our Geometry section grow a little bit.

Resources listed in Basics are quite popular, so if you want to help people discover the best ones, help us by rating them.

And as always, if you know some awesome, free resources that would fit into Basics, feel free to share them with us!