New Features: More Tags & Resource Page

This was a busy week. Instead of adding new resources, we decided to once again go through the ones already added, in order to add some new tags and the first big new feature - a dedicated page for each resource. Thanks to that it will be easier for you to discover high quality resources and access them immediately.

New Tags

Example of new tags usage

So far resources could only have one tag: Has Exercises. Now we have added 3 more:

  • Has Solutions - for resources where not only problems and exercises are available, but also solutions to them, or - at the very least - hints allowing to solve them easier.
  • ToC Has Links - most of the resources are PDFs, and some of them have Tables of Contents with links to appropriate chapters and subchapters. Resources which are elegantly hyperlinked in that way have this tag from now on.
  • + Video Lectures - some textbooks are accompanied by video lectures. If this is the case, we are adding this tag to the resource.

Dedicated Resource Page

New dedicated resource page

Previously link to the resource was taking you directly to that resource's webpage.

Resource websites created by authors often have interesting, additional materials worth exploring. But on the other hand, these websites sometimes are hard to navigate, and finding the resource itself can be a bit tricky.

How can we have the best of both worlds?

We have created a dedicated page for each resource where you will find links to the resource's website, but also to the PDF file itself - depending on which are available. If it's possible we are even including link to the file with exercise solutions!

And we will not hide the fact that creating a dedicated resource page is a first step in the direction everyone has been asking about - introducing some kind of voting system, so that users can grade the quality and difficulty of resources themselves...

More about that soon, but for now - enjoy the new features!