Massive Second Update. Almost 50 new free resources!

Here we go with the second update of resources. This time with 50 (!!!) new amazing textbooks, lecture notes and videos. As always, everything 100% legal and free.

Here are all the updates. Enjoy!

Linear Algebra

Let's start with a solid update of our Linear Algebra section. We have new books treating this subject on different levels and from different angles:

Abstract Algebra

Abstract Algebra also gets quite a big update:


Here we have 5 new textbooks, although we are cheating a little, because 3 of them are from the same source:

Set Theory

I am happy to say we have doubled our Set Theory section, by adding 3 books:

Algebraic Geometry

In Algebraic Geometry we have added 2 textbooks, both heavily leaning towards beginners:


I have a big Calculus update coming, but it takes a lot of time to go through all of submissions, so currently we have added only 1, but pretty big textbook:

Calculus I, II, and III by Jerrold E. Marsden, Alan Weinstein.

Real Analysis

Here we have 2 new textbooks:

Functional Analysis

We have added first video lectures on Functional Analysis on our website:

Measure Theory

We have quite a bit of new entries in Measure Theory:

Partial Differential Equations

We have added a first textbook in this section:

An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations by Per Kristen Jakobsen.

Group Theory

Here we get 1 addition:

Groups and Symmetries by F. Oggier, A. M. Bruckstein.

Galois Theory

2 new textbooks:

Category Theory

Category Theory gets 1 new textbook:

Seven Sketches in Compositionality: An Invitation to Applied Category Theory by Brendan Fong, David I. Spivak. It was recommeneded to me many, many times.

Analytic Number Theory

1 new set of lecture notes:

Analytic Number Theory by Thomas F. Bloom.


In Topology we get 2 new textbooks and 1 set of lecture notes:

Discrete Mathematics

We have added 1 textbook and 1 set of lecture notes in Discrete Math:


1 new textbook:

Combinatorics: The Art of Counting by Bruce Sagan.

And that's all for now.

I hope you will find something for yourself among these great resources!