First Resources Update!

Wow, these last few days were crazy! Real Not Complex got a lot of attention and I got some amazing feedback from you. Perhaps I will write a bit more about that soon, but for now, let's get back to work and make the website even better.

Thanks to you guys, I now have a looooong list of resources I need to go through to include them on the website. I definitely won't be able to add them all at once, but I will be adding them relatively often, in small batches.

And the first batch is today, so let's see what is new on the website.

Video Lectures

I have added two YouTube channels which were recommended to me over and over again:

Abstract Algebra

I was recommended crazy number of free Abstract Algebra resources. I added 4 new textbooks:

  • Basic Algebra and Advanced Algebra by Anthony W. Knapp
  • Abstract Algebra by Justin R. Smith
  • A Friendly Introduction to Abstract Algebra by Emma Norbrothen Wright. I love the encouraging title!

Galois Theory

In Galois Theory section I have added lecture notes by Richard Koch.

Set Theory

Axioms and Set Theory by Robert Andre is a new addition in Set Theory section.

Category Theory

In Category Theory I was twice recommended to add the following books:

  • Basic Category Theory by Tom Leinster
  • Category Theory in Context by Emily Riehl.

Number Theory

Number Theory has one addition:

Olympiad Number Theory Through Challenging Problems by Justin Stevens. Who is up for the challenge?

Differential & Algebraic Geometry

In Differential Geometry has now lecture notes by Richard Koch.

In Algebraic Geometry I have added textbooks:

  • Introduction to Algebraic Geometry by Justin R. Smith
  • Advanced Algebra by Anthony W. Knapp. It already appeared in abstract algebra section, but it seems to have few chapters devoted to algebraic geometry as well.

I already have more resources in preparation, some of which seem to be highly anticipated...

But for now that's all. See you soon!