20 New Resources: Textbooks and Video Lectures

We are coming to you with 20 new resources on Real Not Complex. We have both new textbooks as well as video lectures. As always, we hope that you will find here something for yourself.

TheTrevTutor Video Lectures

Everyone knows Khan Academy and Professor Leonard. But there are many overlooked (relatively speaking!) creators out there. TheTrevTutor is one of them. He has high quality content on the topics of:

All of those are now part of Real Not Complex.

MathTheBeautiful Video Lectures

Similarily, we discovered great lectures from a channel MathTheBeautiful:

  • Partial Differential Equations, which is a first video lectures entry in Partial Differential Equations section.
  • Linear Algebra lectures, which consist of literally hundreds videos and are going incredibly in depth on the topic.

Statistical & Machine Learning Section

We have a big update in that section:

Logic Section

This sections also gets quite a big update:

Measure Theory Section

We have two new resources here:

Abstract Algebra Section

We have added:

Differential Geometry

We have added a textbook Differential Geometry: A First Course in Curves and Surfaces by Theodore Shifrin.

Algebraic Geometry

We have added Algebraic Geometry lecture notes by Geir Ellingsrud.

Discrete Mathematics

Apart from already mentioned videos of TheTrevTutor, we also added a textbook Lectures in Discrete Mathematics by Edward A. Bender and S. Gill Williamson.


We have added a textbook Enumerative Combinatorics by Richard P. Stanley.

That's it for now!

I hope you enjoyed this update and found something interesting. See you soon!